Myles (10 yo) and his fantastic adventures in modern day Greek mythology!

Meet Myles, our last Book Butterfly for the school year! Myles is an absolutely voracious reader; similar to our previous Book Butterfly Loden (listen here). Myles even has special support from his school librarian to help him have a constant stream of awesome books. This week Myles reviewed his favorite book: Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth by¬†Rick Riordan. Did YOU know this much about Greek mythology? It’s super cool.

Jack (8yo) – Wait, the principal is also Captain Underpants?

Meet Jack, an expert in Captain Underpants books. He sets us straight a few times on the facts, because he’s read these books a lot. You’ll get to know a little bit about the main characters, the adventures they go on, and what teachers in real life really want you to do (hint: it’s ‘do math’.)

Katie (11yo) – You know Peeta is better, because his name doesn’t rhyme with ‘fail’

Our first double-digit Book Butterfly! Katie is 11 years old and a fan of The Hunger Games. Find out who she’s rooting for, what inspired the books, and what’s important in life. (hint: it’s to have a chuckle now and again!)


Brea (9yo) – Is imagination like seeing the future?

Meet Brea, a beautiful mind full of stories, including ones about Amelia Bedelia! We’ll find out what her favorite parts are of Amelia Bedelia Unleashed, things to do to prank your grandmother, and what she thinks about reading overall.

Declan (5yo) – Hey, is that a blue T-rex? (She’s the captain!)

Our first Book Butterfly: Declan and his special Pirates!

Declan is a sweet (almost) 5-year-old who loves to read about these dynamic dinosaurs. Root for the underdog (or underdino, as it were) and see what happens as the underdino dodges ropes, dirty water, walking the plank and a particularly pernicious pterodactyl.