Product Review: The Lunii Storyteller

One of the coolest things about interviewing kids for the Book Butterfly podcast is getting a quick peak into the lives of the kids I interview. Throughout my time interviewing I have noticed a few things; first, that everyone loves books (hooray for us all!), and second, that imagination is going full throttle. And I’m not talking full-throttle to beat the yellow light at an intersection; I’m talking full-throttle to get the spaceship to the moon and back. It’s totally cool.

The third key thing I’ve noticed is that there’s a balance between what a young child, say between 3-6 years old, can read on their own and what they can read with their parents or older siblings.

Obviously, there’s huge value in having those special moments when you’re sitting with your family and giggling/crying/joking/talking about a book. I wouldn’t trade my own moments with my family for the world. But there’s also the fact that you, as a parent or caretaker, are trying to balance so many things on top of story time. There are a lot of solutions out there: tablets, phones, computers, donuts, ‘go play outside for a minute’, ‘go clean your room’, and a plethora of other things. But what if you’re not into screens, or if you just want another option that doesn’t involve you supervising, which also allows your kid/kids to have a story time, and even has the added bonus of independence and imagination?

Sounds like a long list, I know, but I found one option for you.

It’s called the Lunii Storyteller. It was brought to my attention by Emma (our resident Mutasia fan – listen here) and her mother. I was interested to know more about it and share it with you. It’s actually pretty straightforward and a cool idea. It’s based on a few key principles:

  • Your kid gets to pick variables (think the main character, the setting, etc.) with prompts from the Lunii
  • Different voices, sounds, and settings are triggered for each of the 48 different story lines which also trigger their imagination
  • Each story is about 4-5 minutes long
  • Your kid can independently decide the storyline
  • The Lunii doesn’t have a screen and has a pretty basic interface: it’s made for listening
  • When I looked at reviews the cost was mentioned a few times. It’s roughly $60-$70, which sounds like a lot. But if you think about it, that’s roughly 4-5 picture books. So if you’re looking at how many stories you can set up your kid with, it’s actually a pretty good deal.

So, what, I don’t think the other options are good? Not at all, I think they’re all fantastic options. Listen; when you’ve had a long day and for some reason bed time is when hyper time kicks in, I am 100% on board with the best way to get those little minds calm and ready for bed. I also care about options, so here’s one more for your toolkit.

See if the Lunii is a good fit for your family. Get ready to hear: Do you want to create a new story? Who will be the hero of your story? (Buy it here)

Here’s a quick sample from our Emma. You can tell I am more confused than she is (standard), but I actually got pulled into the visual journey, too. Enjoy!


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