Niklas (6 yo) and the crayons who yelled ‘I quit!’

Niklas is a curious and beautiful mind, who loves the humor of his crayon books. He loves to giggle about all the stories the crayons tell, in particular, the neon crayon. Niklas really loved our microphone, who we’ve lovingly named ‘Sassy’, and you’ll hear him test out really what she can hear. (Hint: it’s a whisper.)

Elijah (8yo) and how opposites attract – Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Jackie Robinson

Do you ever hear that old saying that ‘opposites attract’? Well Elijah’s love of the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid (about a decidedly wimpy kid) AND the history of Jackie Robinson (about a decidedly not-even-close-to-wimpy-kid) really show how it gives someone a lot to think about. By the way, how much do YOU love math? We certainly loved it before, but a little more now that Elijah reminded us how cool it really is.

Aniya (9yo) and the powerful women of history, with a side of Dork Diaries!

We met Aniya, a quietly confident book butterfly, who loves to dive into the world of Dork Diaries, Max Crumbly, and Sugar Plumb Ballerinas. But you know what? She loves powerful women of history, so don’t be surprised when she reaches for her other favorite book ‘Little Leaders – Bold Women in Black History’.

Kylee (9yo) and her fearless pursuit of murder mysteries

Meet Kylee, our fearless ball of energy who loves, loves, loves murder mysteries. Her favorite book is Nancy Drew – Murder on the Set, by Carolyn Keene, and Kylee doesn’t care how much she has to beg her grandmother to read her the next chapter! It’s our longest podcast so far, but we dare anyone not to listen to the end and find out more about Santa, the Easter Bunny,¬†and a few more characters. (Apparently we’re not doing a good enough job of having cameras around to catch these characters.)

Jack (8yo) – Wait, the principal is also Captain Underpants?

Meet Jack, an expert in Captain Underpants books. He sets us straight a few times on the facts, because he’s read these books a lot. You’ll get to know a little bit about the main characters, the adventures they go on, and what teachers in real life really want you to do (hint: it’s ‘do math’.)

Katie (11yo) – You know Peeta is better, because his name doesn’t rhyme with ‘fail’

Our first double-digit Book Butterfly! Katie is 11 years old and a fan of The Hunger Games. Find out who she’s rooting for, what inspired the books, and what’s important in life. (hint: it’s to have a chuckle now and again!)


Brea (9yo) – Is imagination like seeing the future?

Meet Brea, a beautiful mind full of stories, including ones about Amelia Bedelia! We’ll find out what her favorite parts are of Amelia Bedelia Unleashed, things to do to prank your grandmother, and what she thinks about reading overall.

Declan (5yo) – Hey, is that a blue T-rex? (She’s the captain!)

Our first Book Butterfly: Declan and his special Pirates!

Declan is a sweet (almost) 5-year-old who loves to read about these dynamic dinosaurs. Root for the underdog (or underdino, as it were) and see what happens as the underdino dodges ropes, dirty water, walking the plank and a particularly pernicious pterodactyl.