Myles (10 yo) and his fantastic adventures in modern day Greek mythology!

Meet Myles, our last Book Butterfly for the school year! Myles is an absolutely voracious reader; similar to our previous Book Butterfly Loden (listen here). Myles even has special support from his school librarian to help him have a constant stream of awesome books. This week Myles reviewed his favorite book: Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan. Did YOU know this much about Greek mythology? It’s super cool.

Kieran (6 yo) and barbarians, bears, and goslings, oh my!

Meet Kieran, a fantastically endearing Book Butterfly. His two favorite books are ‘Great, Now We’ve Got Barbarians!’ by Jason Carter Eaton and Mark Fearing, and ‘Mother Bruce’ by Ryan T. Higgins. If you’re looking for giggles and heartwarming messages then these books are for you. PS. How many times do you think we said ‘ducklings’ instead of ‘goslings’? Oh fooey, I guess we’ll need to go to the beach!

Emma (6 yo) and her favorite whacky creatures on Mutasia

Do you ever wonder what would happen if a gecko-crab-rhino ended up as one animal? Have you ever told a little white lie? Then you need to order “Figley’s Little White Lie” by Suzanne Cotsakos and Ryan McCulloch immediately. Our Book Butterfly, Emma, shows us this unique and imaginative book which follows Figley on his misadventure through the repercussions of a little white lie (plus a few other lies). Get your giggles and imagination going!

Ps. If your kids are into singalong songs, check out Mutasia’s youtube channel and find some silly songs to get singing. (Emma may have taken us through a few of these and LOVED them.)

Remi (9 yo) and his epic battles found in nature!

If you ever think that nature is boring, think again. This week we interviewed our awesomely enthusiastic Book Butterfly, Remi, who loves the “Who Would Win” non-fiction books by Gerard Larry Pallotta. He knows ALL the facts and loves to tell you about them. We had a blast interviewing him. He reminded us that nature and natural facts are wicked cool, and more importantly, he reminded us not to surf near a hippopotamus.

Loden (11 yo) and his awesome adventure books!

Loden (not Logan, if you please!) is an enthusiastic reader. By enthusiastic, we mean SO ENTHUSIASTIC! He’s just the type of kid you want to talk to about adventure books, too. He reviewed the Ember Series by Jeanne DuPrau and the Land of Series by Chris Colfer, which are some seriously cool books. Interesting characters, detailed plots, and imagination abound. (And towards the end he interviewed your host a bit, too!)

Shael (8 yo) battles zombies and loves Big Nate!

Well, did we mention that we interview kids who LOVE to read? Did we? Just in case, we’ll tell you again. Shael is an avid reader and reads at all times of the day. (Word on the street from his dad is that he will forego sleep to read more.) This week we’re reviewing two awesome books: Zombies vs. Plants: Lawnmageddon by Paul Tobin and Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce.

Hazel (5 and 3/4 yo) and her love for ice cream! Oh, and two awesome books

Little Hazel is a vibrant little 5 and 3/4 year old (or if we’re getting technical, more like 5 and 11/12 year old, but who’s counting) and LOVES  two books for her Book Butterfly review: Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor, and, Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima. She tells us all about why she adores these colorful, positive, and compassionate books. Lest we forget they are also hilllllarious, but we’ll let you decide how much you want to giggle for yourself.

Alex (7 yo) and his favorite pig – Mercy Watson!

Some voices are quiet and some demand to be heard. Our little Book Butterfly Alex has both. He might be a little shy, but he is super sure about his favorite book, Mercy Watson To The Rescue. Mercy loves her toast (with butter, and maybe even cinnamon? We can’t be sure…) and gets into all kinds of trouble. Alex loves to hear about her adventures and sit in his favorite pink chair. Coincidence? Hogwash.

Helen (10yo) and her Wonder-ful heart

Meet Helen, a 10 year old Book Butterfly who is wicked smart and wicket wise. She reviews the book ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio, and we loved how she thinks through her world. Find out about August, Via, and Jack – characters in the book who she spends a lot of time thinking about. And you know what? She doesn’t want to pick just one color for a dragon, she wants them all. If SHE could be a dragon, she’d be a blueberry-eating blue dragon.

Lukas (8yo) and his comical heroes – and watch out for a squeeze!

This week we had the privilege of hanging out with this little bundle of energy. You might catch him tearing it up playing tag or under his favorite bean bag reading all day. The world is his oyster, you know? Listen to him talk about his favorite books: Hilo Saving the Whole Wide World, and Captain Underpants…. and watch out for that Rhino Viking!