About The Host/ Get in Touch

Hey there! I’m Leah Llach, host of the Book Butterfly podcast. (That’s me in the picture in case you need proof of life.)

Did I mention I love Harry Potter? I do indeed. Last year I was Hermoine for Halloween šŸ™‚

The two questions I get whenever talking about Book Butterfly include: “What made you start this?” followed closely by “Where do you find all these kids?”. Well, I can answer those questions right here!

I am an aspiring children’s book author and an active member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, not affiliated with this podcast). In the pursuit of writing children’s books which children would actually want to read, I started asking myself what kids love most about their favorite books. So I went ahead and asked them, recorded it, and started posting it as a podcast. *Swish and flick*! Book Butterfly was born.

As for the second question – it is quite simple. No (!), no prowling playgrounds with a microphone. Instead I ask friends, family, and coworkers if they’ll let me interview their kids, and they tell theirĀ friends, and there you go.

In my spare time I love to be outside hiking, surfing, biking, or just generally exploring the outdoors. I work full-time, and spend any other time I have either thinking about food (cheese and donuts in particular), hanging with friends and family, writing, or reading my all-time favorite books – Harry Potter. (Gryffindor, if you’re wondering.)

Want to have your kid interviewed, have questions, or generally want to say hello? Feel free to send me an email, or get in touch through our social media links. Thanks and happy reading!